'Censorship reflects a society that lacks confidence in itself. -Potter Stewart'


How to use this page:

Below, you will see images of art pieces that have been deemed controversial. By clicking on any given image, it will become pixelated. This will censor the image from others visiting the site. If an image is pixelated when you arrive to the page, someone else has chosen to censor that image from you. You can click the image to unpixelate it.

What it means:

Censorship is the practice of suppressing images or information that is deemed unacceptable. But who determines what is and is not suitable for the common eye? Some may view censorship as a good thing saying that the imagery is "harmful to society". Artwork often depicts topics that may be considered taboo or offensive. However, if art is an expression of one's self or brings light to issues in society, who are we to censor an artist's work? When certain aspects are censored, the meaning can be altered or lost completely. So, you decide. Is it easier to look at a pixelated image or face the reality of controversies in our world? Should your opinions effect what others experience? The choice is yours.